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You know how they say that everything is bigger inTexas? Watch these Gag Factor videos and you will see that this sounds to be about right. This babe grew up in Texas, so she got used to play with some pretty massive cocks and now she can’t live without them anymore. Not many whores like to be Throat-Fucked roughly by huge cocks, specially if she is gagging on it, but this babe is that kind of girl! She likes to be face-fucked brutally and she never turns a nice fat cock down. So let’s get this show started and see this horny babe gagging on some big cock tight there on the sofa just for your enjoyment guys. So let’s get started.
Like we said, this mature woman here never turns down some free cock, and she prides herself on making guys feel in heaven when they’re with her. And this babe’s fetishes range from BDSM to some very naughty ones indeed. Well either way you will get to enjoy some sweet and sexy movie clips with her today so let’s watch’em. In her nice little video today you get to see this busty mature lady as she takes her throat fucking on the leather sofa as the guy fucks her face nice and hard for the rest of this nice scene. Enjoy it and do make sure to check out some of the past updates too for some more nice and hot scenes with some even more hot and sexy women! If you liked this video check out elegant angel blog and have fun watching other slutty moms getting mouth fucked!


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Gag Factor 33

Watch one of the best Gag Factor 33 videos featuring Angelica Raven. This girl is really good at sucking cock, i would say that she could be the best. I’m wondering if she is this good because she loves cock milking and she has been practicing, or maybe she is a big mouth talker, but maybe she is being a total whore in general. Anyway, she can do amazing things with her mouth, and she loves taking brutal throat-fucks. Check her out in this gagfactor video and tell me if this slut can suck cock or not. To tell you the truth, the answer is actually pretty clear, but you still get to see a nice and hot show with a horny babe nonetheless.

Sexy miss Raven knows how she likes her fucking. And she also seems to guess her men accordingly as she always likes to get it on with the guys that love rough things. Today she chose this stud in particular as she wanted to let him have as much fun as he wanted with her throat as he’d fuck her mouth and pussy too. So sit back and watch Angelica taking a nice and deep cock pounding, and then see her present the dude with her mouth. So just watch the guy sliding his dick deep inside her mouth and watch this cutie getting face fucked for the rest of the scene today. Have a fantastic experience and stay close, for more news!

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Gag Factor 32

Check out this amazing Gag Factor 32 scene featuring Jamie Elle. This porno girl has been around for quite a while and she is a very popular gagfactor whore. I think  she will never get a real job, and I’m not saying this is such a bad thing, it simply means more fun videos to watch. I’m happy to watch how her mouth is being turned into a vagina and i cant wait to watch many new scenes! Enjoy as miss Jamie shows off her blow job skills today to entertain you. As you can see, the whole hot scene takes place in the shower, and this cutie sure is quick to get naked and show off those luscious curves that she has!

Jamie is such a beauty and unsurprisingly, this lady knows how to pick up her men when she would like a nice and hard fuck. She just had to have this guy’s cock to herself tonight and so she took him back to her place for a nice and hard fucking as well and you can see that he wasn’t about to turn down a offer from such a cute babe today. Watch them getting in the shower and see sexy miss Jamie as she starts to suck and deep throat that big dick of his. So just sit back and watch the horny babe as she gets face fucked in the shower today just for your viewing pleasure as well. See you next time with some more fresh and new scenes! If you liked this scene check out website and have fun watching other horny sluts getting tied and fucked deep in their throats.

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Hollie Monroe gets a romantic facefucking

Occasionally as these studs are fucking the pretty faces of these sluts I’m wondering why do they engage in these kind of acts in the first place. Then after watching this Gag Factor video scene i realized…it’s love! Long walks on the beach, fancy dinners, and romantic facefucking under the romantic moonlight. That’s what GagFactor is all about! Enjoy as this nice couple enjoys their little sunset fucking today and see this cute woman getting that cute face of hers fucked nice and hard. To be fair, this babe is just too cock hungry for her own good, and the guy she got it on today had a bit of trouble taking her off his dick.

nice babe facefucked outdoors outdoor facefucking

Well it’s not like he was bothered by it, but this babe was all over his cock like a fat dude on a cupcake. So you can pretty much tell that this hottie adores cock and she’s pretty much willing to do anything for it. Watch her starting to get to work on this stud’s cock and see her sucking and slurping on that dick with a passion today. See the dude going balls deep inside her throat and watch as by the end you get to see him blow his huge jizz load all over her face and in her mouth too. The babe loved the sticky jizz load that she got and she would surely bye expecting some more. See you next time everyone and enjoy the show! Check out the I Swallow Peter North blog and have fun watching other hot innocent babes getting their faces covered with warm cum!

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Gag Factor 31

Have fun watching this amazing Gag Factor 31 scene featuring Cherry Ferretti. She is a brand new face at gagfactor from the bright state of Texas. She moved to Los Angeles because she wanted to become a star. And I’m sure that  you know where numerous of such stars start out! That’s right, straight to porn industry and once they get the taste they never want to leave. Just think about, what girl is not famous once her mouth is turned into a vagina?! Well to be fair, they get famous no matter what hole a cock penetrates as long as they do an awesome job fucking. And no lady does that better than this hottie right here.

Like we said, her name is Cherry and she is one sexy little lady. Today she got to get it on with a horny stud at the beach side and as you will see, the gallery is quite hot. You get to see her suck on that cock until the guy is nice and hard, and then sit back and watch her spreading her sexy legs to get a nice and deep fucking as well. After the dude was done with fucking her sweet cunt outdoors, it was time to give her a nice face fuck as well. So just sit back and watch this gorgeous cutie taking that cock balls deep in her mouth and see her gagging on that huge dick today. Have fun like always and see you next week guys! Also you might check out the website and enjoy watching some similar videos and picture galleries featuring other slutty babes who are crazy about sucking big dicks!

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Diana Prince getting a facial

Diana Prince from Gag Factor likes to think of herself that in the real life she is a Wonder Woman. I am curious if  Wonder Woman has ever used her mouth and hands to jack off strange perverts, but if she would had, I’m certain she would be just as good as Diana is in this incredible GagFactor video scene. Well this happens to be one superb scene that you just can’t miss everyone. The hot brunette with shoulder long hair is about to put on one superbly hot show for you and you just can’t miss it. You get to see this cute babe please the guy orally for this whole scene and it’s quite awesome too.

cute brunette getting a facialnice facial

Diana just loves cock, and according to her she never lets a guy go unfinished after a nice fuck with her. And today you get to see her put it to the test as she tries her best to do one amazing and hot blow job just for you and the cameras. See this cute brunette lady as she deep throats that cock for the whole duration of the scene and enjoy as by the end this hottie has the dude blowing his load all over her sexy body and cute face too. Rest assured that we’ll have many more scenes to show off in the future, so stay tuned and make sure that you don’t miss any of the nice updates that we’ll bring you next week as well. If you liked this update cum inside blog and have fun watching other hot amateurs sucking huge dicks!

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Megan Vaughn Gag Factor

Enjoy watching this Megan Vaughn Gag Factor video scene featuring this cute 18 years old babe who is more then ready to dive straight into a porn career! She has never been throatfucked so far, and this is her first attempt but from what i saw, she is taking it all in pretty good! Watch as that guy pistonfucks her face and makes her swallow all his cum! Enjoy as for this nice gallery we bring you a sexy and hot ebony babe getting naughty and wild. You will be able to see this hot chocolate babe suck some cock and make the guy blow his load all over her face too by the end.

Megan never tried deep throating before, but as she said, she’s a fast learner. So the guy was in luck today as he got to give her her first throat fuck. Watch the babe getting her body and big tits played with and massaged by the guy in the beginning and see her getting some pussy pleasing too as the guy goes down on her too. Then the sucking fest begins as the lady starts to lick and kiss that cock until it gets nice and big. Then see her sucking and shoving it down her throat as the guy starts to face fuck her nice and hard today. Have fun with it, and as always, see you next time with more hot and horny babes everyone. See you next time! Until then, enter the broke amateurs site and see other cock hungry ladies getting their pretty faces covered in warm and sticky cum!megan getting facefucked

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Gagfactor – Jasmine Jollie

Jasmine Jollie from gagfactor is from Las Vegas and she ultimately got bored of the never ending nights on The Strip. So she packed up her things and she went to Gag Factor trying to become a porn star. It seems that actually she is pretty good at what she is doing and she loves getting facefucked. Watch this outstanding performance from this incredible sexy blonde! If you liked this update and you are looking for similar videos and picture galleries check out website. See you next time, friends but until then let’s watch this gorgeous and sexy blonde go to work on that big and hard cock.

hot blonde sucking on  abig cock hot blonde takes a big cock in her mouth

To be honest who wouldn’t want to get it on with such a sexy and beautiful babe like her. You’d have to be mad to pass up such a opportunity. Well this guy sure was in luck to have this gorgeous cutie take care of his big dick all afternoon today. Watch the babe do nothing else than suck his cock for this whole scene today and see her enjoying every moment. And the guy enjoyed it even more as he got to feel her juicy lips wrapped tightly around his dick too. See this cute and hot babe suck and slurp on that meat pole and enjoy the scene as always. We hope that you liked it and we’re expecting you next week with some more fresh and hot scenes.

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Tara Lynn Foxx Gag Factor

Tara Lynn Foxx Gag Factor is probably the best sluts that came into the porn industry. She loves giving some nice pov blowjobs and getting fucked and she really is a absolute whore. Tara will also do absolutely anything to please a guy! I think she is the perfect woman! Watch as Harry fucks her pretty poor face with his huge cock and she is taking it all with no problem at all! In fact she loves gagging on that fat cock. She is truly amazing and there’s no way that you can miss this hot scene with her today guys. We know you want to see her get to work too so let’s not waste time and get this sexy show of miss Lynn on the road today.

The sexy short haired blonde didn’t have to do too much to pick up this guy today. All she had to say was that she’d give him a nice cock sucking with some deep throating action and this guy was completely sold from the first minute. Relax and watch this cutie as she gets to gobble up some nice and hard cock just for your viewing pleasure everyone. And we bet that you’ll want to see more of her in the future. Don’t worry as she will surely be back with some more awesome and hot scenes one more time. But until then, sit back and watch the stunning babe as she deep throats that cock just for your viewing pleasure today!

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Gag Factor 4

Folks coming from North Carolina generally smoke cigarettes because that’s the place where the Tobacco Companies are situated. This Gag Factor 4 whore, Michelle Raven, didn’t get addicted to that habit yet she got used to put something different in her mouth and she loves sucking it. I know that you enjoy watching naughty amateurs blowing big tools so  obviously I’m talking about sucking and taking big cocks in her little mouth every time that she gets the chance to. The bigger the cock is, the better she likes it and she wont stop until she feels that she is going to chokes on it. Well let’s see this beautiful babe get naughty in this superb scene, and not waste anymore time shall we guys?

michelle takes a big cock down her throat

As the scene starts you can tell that miss Michelle was very much eager to get this fun fuck fest started. You get to see her suck and deep throat that big cock with a passion to get the guy nice and hard for her eager pussy today, and the guy couldn’t be more happy to get to bang that eager pussy of hers nice and hard today. So watch the horny babe take a nice and deep fucking from this guy. But that’s not all as you can imagine everyone. For the end you get to see her suck some more cock and for that nice ending she wanted to get his cock as deep as it can go inside her throat today. Watch her gagging on that big meat pole today and see you guys soon with some more fresh and hot content! Also you might visit the site if you wanna see other slutty chicks getting their pretty faces creamed!

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